Buyers guide

Arranging your mortgage

We advise that prior to embarking on your property search you carefully consider your finances and get a mortgage agreed in principle if required. It is wise to use a mortgage broker with access to the whole mortgage market so that they are therefore able to access the best deals available. We can recommend one should you require assistance.

 Register your interest – The start of your property search

Once you have calculated your budget and identified your property requirements you can register your interest with local estate agents. Aim to select one with a good reputation, a strong knowledge of the area of your search and with a wide selection of properties available.


We can then use the information that you provide to collate a short list of potentially suitable properties within your budget


The key to successful viewings

In order to maximise your chances of securing a property we recommend an early viewing.

Consider the following:

  • Will your estate agent conduct viewings outside of traditional office hours offering you the opportunity to view properties at a time that is convenient to you?
  • Will your estate agent be accompanying you to viewings? If so you will have the benefit of them being on hand to advise you when necessary

 Instructing a solicitor?

The successful purchase of a property can be reliant on the instruction of an experienced solicitor. Premier can recommend experienced solicitors to you if required.

 Making an offer

Once you have found a suitable property the next step is to make an offer. For this to be legitimate the offer must be communicated in writing to your estate agent even inclusive of any special conditions that the offer is subject to and you must be able to demonstrate if required that you are financially able to proceed.

Remember, there are no legal obligations until the contracts are signed.

 Offer agreed

Once an offer has been accepted your estate agent will do the following:

  • Prepare a memorandum for sale
  • Write to all parties to confirm the agreed price
  • Ask you to confirm your solicitor’s and mortgage brokers details


The conveyancing process requires your solicitor to:

  • Draft any preliminary enquiries on receipt of the draft contract from the seller’s solicitor.
  • Request their own local searches
  • Agree on a date for exchange of contracts
  • Propose a date for completion

Your estate agent should be willing to assist your solicitor where required and negotiate throughout the process, keeping you informed every step of the way

 Exchange of contracts

The exchange of contracts signifies that both parties are now legally bound to proceed with the sale. This occurs when the following have been confirmed and agreed:

  • Preliminary enquiries following receipt of draft contract
  • Evidence of a good title
  • Local search queries
  • Fixtures and fittings to be included in the sale
  • Your mortgage offer has been confirmed

Once the contracts have been signed by both parties the deposit will be transferred and the completion date can be set by mutual agreement.


Completion is when the residual monies are transferred to the seller’s solicitor allowing the estate agent can release keys.

 Congratulations you are now the legal owner of the property!